Welcome to Blue Horizon!

A brand new game, from a new Indie Studio, bringing you an action packed adventure on the high seas!

The year is 1686, and you must make your way through the Caribbean world on the Blue Horizon to find your fortune and seek revenge on the evil Pirate Captain Bloodbeard!

A first person desktop game filled with adventure, discovery and combat.

Developed over 3 years by the Studio, using Unity, we remain true to our values
​in creating as much enjoyment as possible for the player with custom made inventory; dialog; tasks; AI; shaders; models; props, islands; caves; sounds effects; storyline and more!


Operation System: Windows 7 or later (Possible more in future)

RAM: 4 Gig (6+ Recommended)

Graphics: NVidia GTX 650 or Better

Hard disk : 3Gb

Available:  Summer 2017

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Explore, discover, fight!

Blue Horizon